Our company’s policy is constant improvement; therefore by taking into consideration the Insurance market constant need for a wide range of quality services, our company has developed a new service for his clients.

Pavalascu Risk Consultants has started a new project for small claim handling >10,000 EUR. Based on our expertise on Large Claims, we have dedicated our time into teaching our know- how to our team of loss adjusters and engineers.
Therefore, we have put all our efforts in creating the perfect system for evaluation of small claims and provide quality services.

The small claims program consists in handling claims under the PAID program and all other types of Home Insurance policies.

We can provide the following services:

assessment of loss;
evaluation of coverage of the loss occurrence;
accuracy of sum insured;
estimate for repairs;
payment recommandation.
All of our reports and information sent to the Insurer carries the standards of Crawford and also the ISO quality management standards.

As we have mentioned, our team is evolving also on know how and also on the number of loss adjusters spread all around the country, in order for us to provide 24/7 services.

We can be anywhere in a matter of 24 hours.