We use a vast network of Damages Regularizers across Romania, ready to respond to a Notification of Damage within 48 hours. In our staff we meet professionals like:

  • Inspectors and Valuers
  • Damage evaluators
  • Damage Regulators
  • Lawyers (outsourced services)
  • Collaboration with local medical staff
  • Collaboration with a Private Investigation Company in the case of insurance frauds and / or unjustly earned damages

Can our company set up a payment management service? for customers who combine the existing claims claims with Crawford & Company in driving applications.

Strategic Partnerships

  • AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants ( ) a Qualified Risk Management Company and preventing damage.
  • As of 1 August, following the signing of a partnership with AON Romania, the AON Romania clients’ claims files will be handled by Pavalascu Risk Consultants SRL. For more details contact AON Romania ( ). To report a damn click here .

Large Claims

The main area in which we are qualified is the field of large claims, and since 2005 we have dealt with all the major incidents on the insurance market in Romania.

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Motor Claims

Experienced professionals providing CASCO services and towing services at a superior quality level 24/7.

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Small Claims

Professional services for any kind of damage, in the field of civil engineering, with a maximum response time of 24 hours.

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Risk Management

Insurers and/or major brokers and/or others regularly appoint our firm for carrying out detailed Underwriting Information Survey Reports to assist local ceding companies and reinsures in evaluating the risks and hazards involved.

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