For vehicle damages – upon receipt of the instruction, our motor claims manager will immediately appoint one of our experienced claims handlers who will then instruct a surveyor to proceed on site. The surveyor will carry out investigations at the place of accident, if required and all necessary enquiries to establish liability.

Then he will proceed to the repair shop where the vehicle has been taken in order to assess the damages, take photographs, and calculate the repair costs using DAT software, which will afterwards be compared to the invoice issued by the repair shop that finally carries out the repairs.

Upon completion of the repairs, the surveyor compiles all documentation and submits his report to the claims handler, who then contacts the claimant in order to indemnify him/her accordingly.

In case of fraudulent claims, the investigation company receives all the details and starts the inquiry.

Furthermore, we maintain tight control on claims costs such as repairs, hire costs and loss of use. Also, the cost of defense litigation can be a substantial claims cost – our policy is to be pro-active and minimize litigation. We have networks of preferred suppliers – experts, lawyers, – who have been selected to offer high quality, responsive service at reasonable fees.

An important factor in controlling the total cost of third party claims is contact and control of the claimant’s expectations. At the same time, we recognize that in the event of an incident we are the public face of our client and strive to act in a manner consistent with our client’s brand image.