Independent Surveyors and Loss Adjusters

Pavalascu Risk Consultants SRL is the exclusive correspondent of Crawford & Company, authorized to represent this company in the following countries: Moldova, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Crawford & Company

It’s the world’s largest global damages company with resources like:

  • 9,000 employees in 67 countries and 700 offices
  • Total independent from brokers and insurers
  • Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and listed on the New York Stock Exchange (CRDA, CRDB)
  • $ 1 billion / year revenue
  • Filiale Crawford & CO

    We provide a wide range of services for the Insurance / Reinsurance market consisting of instrumentation of claims, risk and damage management, claims settlement, damage audit, case studies on insurance policies, etc. Our company operates in the following areas, detailed below in order of relative importance.

    • Inspecting, Investigating, Assessing and Sizing Damage – Reporting Insurers and Reinsurers.
    • Inspection, expertise, and risk assessment for risk inspecting reports to the Insurer Subscription Department.
    • Property valuation for various financial purposes.
    • Inspecting, evaluating and sizing financial damages, including loyalty and financial liability (theft, robbery / robbery, embezzlement, fraud, etc.)
    • Audits

Presence and collaboration on the international insurance market

  • Munich Re
  • Swiss Re
  • XL Insurance
  • Crawford International
  • Chartis International
  • Allianz Group
  • EuroInsurances
  • Uniqa International
  • and others

Presence and collaboration on the Romanian insurance market

  • Omniasig
  • City Insurance
  • Chartis Romania
  • Generali Asigurari
  • Uniqa Romania
  • Groupama Asigurari
  • CertAsig Asigurari
  • Allianz Tiriac
  • and others

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the largest developer of international standards.

ISO is a network set up by national standards in 164 countries, each country with a present member, with the Secretariat Central in Geneva, Switzerland, the secretariat that coordinates this network

ISO is also a non-governmental organization linking the publishers and the private sector. On the one hand, many members of the institute are part of governmental structures in the countries where they come from or are empowered by the respective governments. On the other hand, other members of the institute come exclusively from the private sector, being invested in the respective functions of national partnerships of the major industrial conglomerates.

Therefore, ISO allows for a general agreement to be concluded in order for the solutions offered to meet the requirements of the business environment and the demands of the masses of the consumer society.

Initial Certification: 09/12/2011.